China's national awards for construction excellence

Yuanda wins the blanket acceptance from the government, society and customers by virtue of its delicate design, perfect fabrication, quality construction as well as its good after-sale service. Yuanda has made successively 95 of its excellent projects awarded China's national awards for construction excellence in projects - Luban Awards, becoming the only enterprise in the curtain wall industry to attain this great honor most, and has obtained dozens of highest level awards from local government in the construction industry for excellent projects.


Projects Conferred Year Location
Beijing Xidan International Building 1997 Beijing
Tianjin Post-Telecom Network Control Center Beijing 1998 Tianjin
Electric Power Generation Dispatch Center Northeast 1999 Beijing
Power Load Forecast Center 1999 Shenyang
Complex Building China Construction Bank Shanxi Branch 2000 Taiyuan
Kunming Bank Building 2001 Kunming
Qingdao Hisense Building 2002 Qingdao
CPLA Nanjing Military Region Airforce Complex Building 2002 Nanjing
Liaoning Federation of Trade Unions Office Building 2002 Shenyang
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum  2002 Shanghai
Nanjing Tianmu Building 2002 Nanjing
Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Complex Service Building 2002 Hangzhou
Bank of China (BOC) Tower 2003 Shanghai
Heilongjiang Science & Technology Museum 2003 Harbin
No.29 Electronic Institute of Information Industry Ministry No.3 Complex Building 2004 Chengdu
Wutai Business Center 2004 Changchun
Technical Center Building of Hudong Shipbuilding Factory 2004 Shanghai
Shanghai Aurora International Building 2004 Shanghai
Gansu Longcai Building 2005 Lanzhou
Medical Center of the General Hospital under Tianjin Medical Sciences University 2005 Tianjin
Shanghai Skyline Mansion Package II 2006 Shanghai
Shanghai Citigroup Building 2006 Shanghai
Complex Building, Qinghai Telecommunication Company 2006 Xining
Three Gorges Museum 2006 Chongqing
Main Academic Building of Chongqing University 2006 Chongqing
Shanghai Oriental Art Center 2006  Shanghai
Beihang University Southeast Academic and Research Building 2007 Beijing
Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Reconstruction 2007 Zhenzhou
Rich Gate Apartment 2007 Shenyang
Karamay Century Building Tower A 2007 Karamay
Shanghai City Construction International Centre 2007 Shanghai
NEU Complex Science and Technology Building 2007 Shenyang
Ping An National Back-up Management Center Building #2 2008 Shanghai
National Swimming Center 2008 Beijing
Shanghai Songjiang University Shared Resource Area  Phase 1 2008 Shanghai
Shandong Mobile Communication Center 2008 Jinan
North International Media Center 2008 Shenyang
Beijing TV Center 2009 Beijing
Jiangsu Broadcasting Television Building 2009 Nanjing
Nanjing Conference and Exhibition Center, Conference Center 2009 Nanjing
Xiamen Custom Office Building 2009 Xiamen
Henan Art Center 2009 Zhengzhou
Dongyin Business Center 2009 Shanghai
Theme Pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai China 2010 Shanghai
Expo Centre 2010 Shanghai China 2010 Shenyang
VIP Living quarters, A area ,Expo village 2010 Shanghai
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre 2010 Suzhou
Northeast Power Grid scheduling Trading Center Building 2010 Shenyang
Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium 2010 Jinan
Xiamen Real Estate Building Chongqing Grand Theatre 2010 Xiamen
Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Building 2010 Chongqing
Chenggong New City Convention Center 2011 Changshu
Shenyang Henglong Street Plaza 2011 Kunming
The standing Committee of the People's Congress Office building 2011 Shenyang
Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Neurology Center 2011 Beijing
Tianjin digital TV Building 2011 Tianjin
The Pudong Library (New Hall) 2011 Tianjin
Northeast Media Culture Square 2011 Shanghai
Suzhou Industrial park Files Building 2012 Shenyang
Suzhou Runhua Global Building Block B 2012 Suzhou
Taiping Financial Tower 2012 Suzhou
Shanghai Cigarette Factory "Chinese" brand cigarette production line technological transformation project 2012 Shanghai
The Production Scheduling Command Center of Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau 2012 Shanghai
China Petroleum Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch design office 2012 Xinjiang
A comprehensive project of Tianjin Haihe Education Park (Northern Yang Park) Comprehensive project Phase1 2012 Chengdu
China Academy of Launch Rockets Technology research building 2012 Tianjin
Dandong Financial building 2012 Beijing
Shenzhencaiwuwei jingji financial centre second phase 2013 Dandong
Planning centre 2013 Shenzhen
Shugu tower 2013 Xian
Guiyang international Convention and Exhibition Centre-C1 convention centre 2013 Qinhuangdao
General Logistics Department Auditorium 2013 Guiyang
Fuxingmen renovation area 4-2 plots project 2015 Beijing
Tianjin Library 2015 Beijing
Hyatt Regency Tianjin East 2015 Tianjing
Dalian International Conference Center 2015 Tianjing
Liaoning Provincial Cultural Center(Liaoning Science and Technology Museum \Liaoning Provincial Museum) 2015 Dalian
Haiguang Mansion 2015 Shenyang
(East China Power Grid Dispatching Center Building) 2015 Shanghai
Spreadtrum Center Phase II 2015 Shanghai
Chengdu Raffles City Places T2 \ T3 and basement project 2015 Chengdu
Chongqing International Expo Center 2015 Chongqing
Agricultural Bank of China Co.,Ltd Customer Service Center (Tianjin) Project 2017 Tianjing
Olympia  66. Dalian 2017 Dalian
Harbin Theatre 2017 Haerbing
R & D Center Project (China UnionPay Phase 3 Project) 2017 Shanghai
China Commercial Aviation Headquarters Base (Phase 1) Project 2017 Shanghai
Suzh ou Modern Media Plaza Project 2017 Suzhou
Nanchang Bank Financial Service Center 2017 Nanchang
Taiping Financial Building 2017 Shenzhen
North of Haidian District Cultural Center 2017 Beijing
Theater and Ancillary Service Building 2017 Beijing
Shanghai Center Building 2017 Shanghai
The New City Museum for Chengdu 2017 Chengdu
China Life R&D Center 2017 Beijing