Position:Project Manager

Description of duties: 

Yuanda USA Corporation has openings for Project Manager, responsible for managing Yuanda's curtain wall projects, including planning projects, preparing budget, coordinating the work of teams from Yuanda, customers and installation companies. Specifically, the job duties include:

  1. Enhance the profitability of the project and decrease/control risk. Review and make sure Yuanda’s design is local building code and LEED compliant.
  2. Discuss in person with the client’s consultants and architects on any major potential architect design change with explanation of Yuanda’s design concept and Yuanda’s internal fabrication process to ensure timely and accurate communication thus allowing the client to choose the most suitable design.
  3. Evaluate project surroundings and conditions. Instruct Yuanda factory on material packing and shipping and instruct the installer on installation method statement with project site findings and Yuanda packing and shipping schemes.
  4. Review Yuanda shop drawings and installation drawings, making sure it’s building code and specification complaint.
  5. Resolve any/all site issues and coordinate other trades for any sequencing work areas at weekly meetings.
  6. Create and coordinate delivery plans with GC and the installer and have all materials inspected upon delivery.
  7. Teach the installer Yuanda shop drawings and installation drawings.
  8. Verify Yuanda’s embeds installation and try best to avoid misplaced or missing embeds as they will hold off Yuanda’s following products installation.
  9. Instruct the installer to perform survey work per Yuanda’s shop drawings and create formal reports to GC.
  10. Instruct the installer to perform installation and site tests.
  11. Create monthly progress requisitions per agreed SOV to the General Contractor for approval.
  12. Create weekly reports to Yuanda USA, copy Yuanda China for review and record.
  13. Ensure smooth project close-out and occupancy. Address with client’s consultant on punch list items on weekly basis and direct the installer to fix in field accordingly. Work with Yuanda design team on providing as-built drawing and warranty documents.
  14. Monitor curtain wall markets opportunities. Advise how to make Yuanda more market-oriented and localization-oriented, make Yuanda’s own advantages well adapted to local market needs.
  15. Distinguish potential clients, and foresee and avoid any potential risk.

Requirements: Bachelor’s (or foreign degree equiv.)degree in any fields plus 2 years experience.

Job Site:  136-33 37th Avenue, Unit 10C, Flushing, NY 11354

Please email resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail resume to the address below:

Yuanda USA Corporation
136-33 37th Avenue, Unit 10C
Flushing, NY 11354