Double-Skin Curtain Wall System

Frame supporting curtain wall refers to facade being supported by metal frame (aluminum, steel etc.), which are the most complicated and applied type. They can be classified as double-skin, unitized, semi-unitized, stick curtain wall etc.

Double-Skin Curtain Wall System

Constituting internal and external layers of envelope, double-skin curtain wall is the most advanced curtain wall with the best performance. Compared with traditional facade, it has stronger physical performances and excellent internal external decorative effects. Double-skin curtain walls are also called dynamic ventilating, heat channel or breathing facade. Based on the optimized design and scientific configuration of system, the double-skin facade can improve the thermal performances of external envelope, interior ventilation, acoustic insulation, and interior lighting control. Double-skin curtain wall is a kind of system designing concept rather than a product. It shall be designed specially according to the actual requirements in individual building so as to achieve the comprehensive performances. As for the characteristics of ventilation and principles,double-skin curtain walls can be classified as natural ventilating (external circulation), mechanic ventilating (internal circulation) and mixed ventilating etc. Yuanda technical staffs have developed a full series double-skin curtain wall system with complete function and high performance through research, repeated tests and demonstration for many years. Design concept of energy-saving and environmental protection can be integrated into building design organically, which creates comfortable indoor condition,including sound, light and thermal environment,and keep clear and natural indoor air. Due to breakthrough innovation in design, many national patents have been achieved and this system has passed science and technology evaluation by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
System principle and specialties of various double-skin curtain wall systems are as follows:




Natural Ventilating (External Circulation) Double-skin Curtain Wall System

In this system, the air cavity can be connected with outdoor air. Through ventilation system design and reasonable organization and control of airflow, air can be flowed between the two skins by chimney effect and thermal pressure theory, which will form dynamic ventilation and realize building energy saving.Natural ventilating (external circulation) double-skin curtain wall is comprised of outer layer curtain wall, inner layer curtain wall, air cavity, brackets, sun-shading device, wind access and control device. If required, this curtain wall system can adopt various structures, including integrated or divided unitized type, unitized / member composite type, divided member type, door & window/member composite type etc.Some outstanding characteristics of natural ventilating (external circulation) double-skin curtain wall system developed by Yuanda on its own are as fallows:
●Controllable vent design is adopted. In summer, based on natural airflow principle, operable vent can bring away heat air in the cavity and prevent outdoor heat to transfer into the room, which can improve insulating performance of system; in winter, closed vent can reduce heat exchange without airflow. Meanwhile, through solar and indoor thermal radiation, the system can increase temperature in the cavity and enhance the integrated insulating performance of envelope system.
●Combined with the condition of the building and the surroundings, as well as software simulated analysis, reasonable vent arrangement and airflow organization can achieve the best effect for system ventilation and dynamic energy-saving.
●Excellent insulating performance in summer and winter, as well as sun-shading device by proper use, can make better general thermal performance and energy-saving effect.
●Sun-shading device installed between double layers of curtain wall can control indoor lighting and give the system excellent lighting performance.
●Reasonable configuration of glass sheet and system structure can increase system acoustic performance fully complying with building actual requirements.
●Innovative design of vent switch can ensure smooth ventilation and full ventilation volume under opening condition. Switch device are convenient for installation, maintenance and replacement.
●Whenever the vent is under opening or closed condition, the system will have excellent sealing performance to avoid heat loss and prevent rainwater to drain into inside of double-skin curtain wall.
●Fireproofing and fire-stop function between floors can meet requirements of firefighting and smoke evacuation.
●Convenient installation and maintenance operation.
●The economical and serviceable efficiency has been fully allowed for to achieve an optimal cost performance ratio,based on the performance requirements are met.



Mechanical Ventilating (Internal Circulation) Double-Skin Curtain Wall System

As for this system, the glass of inner layer and outer layer of curtain wall shall be fixed on internal and external surface of supporting frames respectively. These two glass layers can form an air space with certain thickness, which becomes an insulating layer and improve system thermal performance. This air space can be connected with building ventilation system. Through combined with ventilation system, order airflow in air space can exchange air between inside and outside, which can further improve system thermal performance.

Mechanical ventilating (internal circulation) double-skin curtain wall is comprised of outer layer, inner layer, air cavity , sun-shading device, wind access device, etc. According to the actual circumstances, the flexible and various structural forms, such as unitized system, stick system and mixture of unitized & stick system, can be adopted.

The mechanical ventilating (internal circulation) double-skin curtain wall researched and developed by Yuanda itself has the following prominent characteristics:

●The indoor air is discharged through the air layer of double-skin curtain wall, while ventilation, the air in cavity and the air discharged outside generates dynamic heat exchange, which reduces the indoor heat loss and intensifies the thermal insulation.
●Through software model analysis, air vent and air flow organization are designed in a reasonable manner that makes ventilation quantity of system meet the requirements of indoor ventilation and achieves the best dynamic energy-saving of envelope system.
●The excellent thermal insulation properties, the heat taken by cavity ventilation in summer & accumulation of heat in winter and flexible use of sunshade system make the integrated thermal performance much better and energy-saving effect more excellent.
●The sun-shading device which is fixed between double-skin curtain wall can control the indoor lighting reasonably, making the system to get an excellent sun-shading property.
●Through the reasonable configuration of glass panel and system structure, the sound insulation property can be improved effectively, and the actual demands of building can be fully satisfied.
●The natural ventilation device or operable window is fixed in place to supply fresh air appropriately and keep the indoor air fresh when fresh air indoor is not enough, which makes people feel comfortable.
●Relatively small space is needed. The inner layer of curtain wall can be opened, easy to clean and maintain.
●Individual installation method is adopted for inner layer of curtain wall, which is convenient and easy, and has enough deflection absorption capacity. Switch and locking device can be operated easily, with reliable and durable characteristics.
●The installation and operation for integral system become more convenient, and easy to repair and maintain.
●On the basis of meeting performance requirements, the economic practicability is taken into full account to achieve the most excellent price-to-performance ratio.



Mixed Ventilation (Internal / External Circulation) Double-skin Curtain Wall System

Mixed ventilation (internal / external circulation) double-skin curtain wall system is a more mature double-skin curtain wall which is researched and developed by Yuanda itself according to the actual demands. This system integrates the advantages of both internal circulation and external circulation curtain wall, with the following technical characteristics:
●Mixed ventilation double-skin curtain wall integrates the advantages of both internal circulation and external circulation, with perfect thermal, lighting, and sound insulation as well as other properties.
●According to the actual circumstances, to adopt internal circulation mechanical ventilation system or external circulation natural ventilation system, both of which can be switched over flexibly and supplemented for each other to ensure a good ventilation effect and keep indoor air fresh and comfortable.
●Natural ventilation system (external circulation) is mainly adopted in summer, and when ventilation quantity is in deficiency, mechanical ventilation system (internal circulation) can be adopted as a supplement; and in winter external natural air vent is closed, mechanical ventilation system (internal circulation) is mainly adopted, when ventilation quantity is in deficiency, air vent of outer layer and opening device of inner layer are properly opened to obtain adequate fresh air. For the perfect combination of both ventilation styles, direct heat exchange between outside and inside, as well as the inside heat loss, is reduced to the maximum, and thus thermal insulation properties is improved greatly.



Sealed Maintenance-Free Double Glazing Curtain Wall System

Sealed Maintenance-Free Double Glazing Curtain Wall System is an innovative energy saving product made by Yuanda , with its independent intellectual property right, a new double glazing curtain wall form, throughout experimental verification, the main technical features are as follows:
●Traditional double façade with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
●No cavity risk
●More narrow cavity, increasing the effective area of using.
●No maintenance, reduce the cost for cleaning and maintenance.
●To combine with ventilation for achieving the function of micro-ventilation.