Functioning as wind, rain and sunshine shielding, canopy is building outer envelope structural component which is located at the exit and entrance of the building. What is under the canopy is semi-open space which is the exchange zone and the transition buffer zone between the inner space and outer space of the building. Canopy is the important part of the building outer decoration system, which highlight the whole building. Therefore, it should possess good ornamental effect besides shielding function. The major structure and technical characteristics go as follows:
●Glass, metal sheet, stone are normally used as sheet material, supporting keel system is set inside.
●Can be divided into frame supporting canopy, point fixing glass canopy and so on by construction form.
●Can be divided into tension bar canopy, overhung canopy and so on by structural form.
●Diversified external appearance, innovative design can also be carried out according to the needs on building structure and external effect.