Modular Curtain Wall System

Frame supporting curtain wall refers to facade being supported by metal frame (aluminum, steel etc.), which are the most complicated and applied type. They can be classified as double-skin, unitized, semi-unitized, stick curtain wall etc.

Modular Curtain Wall System

Modular curtain wall system is a new type of curtain wall solution based between the traditional curtain wall and unitized curtain wall. Throughout the modular processing for traditional curtain wall, to establish the main frame modular, surface materials modular, back panel modular, switching modular, and standard universal modular, in coordination with using laminate sheet, gusset sheet , sealing strip and other ancillary components, combined into performance, specifications, different structure curtain wall products, to realize the personalized design.
Modular curtain wall system is between traditional frameworks and unitized, its main features are as follows:

●On the basis of general modular, realizing the curtain wall products to diversify.
●The design structure is easy, strong commonality.
●The weight of overall panel is more light, in convenience with fabrication, partial materials can be directly transported to site, to save the delivery cost.
●The modular is fabricated and installed in factory, to realize easily high-quality control.
●The overall installation for the modular, small construction deviation, good installation flatness, easily ensure the quality.
●The installation is performed from the bottom to top floor, be able to work with civil construction synchronously, tremendously shorten the lead time for the project . Meanwhile, the modular curtain wall reduces the amount of high –attitude works , greatly reduce the difficulty of installation, the more easily ensure the lead time, especially used for modern high-rise buildings.