Services Prior to Invitation for Bid

●Introducing the curtain wall industry.
●Explaining the technology of curtain wall.
●Arranging related persons to visit Yuanda plant and finished / building project.
●Providing preliminary design and proposals subject to the request of owner and architect.

Services During the Bidding Stage

●Finishing the bid documents
· Working out reasonable design proposal according to all requirements of tender documents and related standards.
· Producing full and accurate structural strength and architectural physics calculations.
· Giving reasonable quotation as per the requirements of tender documents.

Services During the bid assessment stage

●Providing explanation and clarification to technical and commercial questions in our bid and proposal at any time.

Services After the Contract Awarding and Construction Stage

●Designing for shop drawing.
●Purchasing, inspecting and assuring the quality of materials.
●Processing and fabricating in workshop, and assuring the precision of product.
●Ensure the installation quality and progress of the curtain wall on site.
●Coordinating the technical interfaces with other trades, such as structural element, electrical and mechanical services, interior finishing, etc.

Services During the completion stage

●Final acceptance
●Providing“Operation and Maintenance Manual of Curtain Wall”
· Design considerations and main performance parameters of curtain wall and planned usage life of its structure;
· Notice of Use;
· Effect to curtain wall under the condition of environmental change;
· Requirements for daily and regular maintenance;
· The main structural feature of curtain wall and the name and specification of damageable parts;
· The list of stock and spare parts, and the name and specification of main damageable parts;
· The duty of contractor for product maintenance.
●Delivering as-built drawings.
●Providing training of repairing and maintenance of curtain wall for the personnel of owner.
●Providing free of charge one-time thorough cleaning after completion of curtain wall project.
●Regular inspection and repairing
· After one year of the checking and acceptance of the project, give the curtain wall an overhaul, afterwards inspect it once every five years and make maintenance planning for the non-conformity with the requirements. The curtain wall damage arising from its inherent quality defects will deserve maintenance service free of charge; otherwise proper maintenance costs will be charged according to actual situation.
· The curtain wall with pretension or cable structure shall be thoroughly inspected and tested and adjusted after 6 months of the final acceptance and inspected every 3 years.
· As for the emergent damage of curtain wall, users may call 800 890 8977 for after-sales service, and we ensure that our service staff will arrive at the site within 48 hours.
· Sampling inspection for structural silicone sealant ten years after use of curtain wall.