●CCTV - 1 integrated channel "News Broadcast"

Yuanda Group seized business opportunities in the crisis and created miracles in adversity.

●CCTV - 2 Financial Channel "Global Connection"

BLT will continue to uplift the banner of safety and quality, and embed more "China Core" on the national elevator brand.

●CCTV - 10 Science and Education Channel "Membrane Water Cube"

Water droplets create a dream, and the cube creates miracle. Shenyang Yuanda uses innovative technology to help build Olympic venues.

●United States Discovery "Discovery" channel

Shenyang Yuanda is challenging an interesting project and is confident for the sucess of the Sunshine issue challenge.

●"Straighten the backbone of Chinese equipment (ten-year story)" - "People's Daily"
● "The perennial trek of independent innovation is a conscious corporate behavior in Shenyang Yuanda Group" - "Economic Daily"
● "Talents management provides a strong driving force for the internationalization of Yuanda China " - China Daily
● "People-oriented, science and technology first, talents will always be the motive power for development of Yuanda" - "Technology Daily"
● "Shenyang Yuanda get surprise victory by its core technology" - "Liaoning Daily"