It is a roof protection system forming a 75° angle to the horizontal level which is made of light transparent sheet materials (glass, polycarbonate sheet, transparent membrane etc.) and supporting system, and does not share the loading from main structure. The skylight assists lighting and has other relevant physical performance.

The skylight are mainly classified as follows:

●According to the type of sheet materials,the skylight can be divided into following types:
◇Glass Skylight; ◇Polycarbonate Sheet (PC sheet) Skylight; ◇ETFE Air-supported Membrane Structure Skylight; ◇ETFE Tensioned Membrane Structure Skylight.
●According to different shape,the skylight can be divided into the following types:
◇Flat Skylight; ◇Single Slop Skylight; ◇Double Slop Skylight; ◇Pyramid Skylight; ◇Cone Skylight; ◇Arch Skylight; ◇Spherical Skylight; ◇Irregular Shape Skylight.
●According to different supporting way of the sheet materials,skylight can be divided into:
◇Frame Supporting Skylight; ◇Point Supporting Skylight.
●According to different supporting system, skylight can be divided into:
◇Alum Alloy Skylight; ◇Steel Structure Skylight; ◇Pre-stressed Tension Cable Rod Skylight; ◇Glass Fin Supporting Skylight; ◇Single Cable Net Skylight.


Frame Supporting Glass Skylight and Polycarbonate Sheet (PC Sheet) Skylight

It refers to the skylight adopts metal frame (steel, alum alloy, etc) as its supporting structure. The metal frame can be fixed to the main steel structure or be fixed to be one part of the main structure.
●Can adopt concealed frame, semi-concealed frame, or exposed frame;
●The skylight waterproof performance can be ensured by internal and external waterproofing system including the internal water drainage system;
●Condensation water collection and drainage system is set to prevent the water effect to interior;
●The light transmission sheet can be fixed to steel work directly to simplify the system;
●Skylight can be designed with operable windows to realize natural ventilation and smoke evacuation;
●Mature technique, stable workmanship, reliable quality;
●Short-term construction.




Point Fixing Glass Skylight

The skylight glass is connected and fixed to its supporting structure through supporting devices by way of point fixing.
●Transparent feeling, simple structure; It can make interior gain more nature daylight, and enhance the construction esthetic effect;
●The supporting system can be steel work, pre-stressed tension cable rod system, self-balanced system, single cable net fixing system, and glass fin supporting system, etc.
●Safe structure, mature technique and fabrication workmanship, stable quality performance.
●The glass panel connects to the supporting system by flexible way, which can be effectively adjusted to multiple directions to absorb concrete movement and tolerance.
●The two pieces of neighbor glass are connected through elastic weatherproof sealant which can ensure the waterproof performance and absorb glass movement.




Membrane Skylight

This type of skylight takes the excellent light transmission material-ETFE Membrane as the skylight surface material. ETFE membrane has the features like, high light transmission ratio, light weight, long-term durability and long-term working life etc. and it can be divided into Single Layer ETFE Tensioned Membrane Structure Skylight and ETFE Air-supported Membrane Structure Skylight.

Main technical features of single layer tensioned ETFE membrane skylight are as follows:

The system consists of single layer ETEF membrane with side rope. The ETEF membrane side rope is clamped by specially designed alum clamp and the membrane is stretched to produce tension to prevent external wind load, snow load etc.
• When the membrane is large, the steel cable or beam can be set internal to divide it into several units, which can enhance the system wind load resistance competence and, meanwhile, to maintain the entirety of the external effect.
• The light weight and small tension of the membrane have little effect on the main steel work structure.
• Unique architectural design effect and good water tightness performance.



Main technical features of air-inflatedETFE membrane skylight are as follows:

The system consists of more than two layers of ETFE membrane to form air pillow on the membrane through gang welding and is fixed to the special clamp by side rope and is connected to the main structure through clamp and bracket. After air filling, the external loading is absorbed by the strength of membrane material itself and internal air pressure of air pillow.
●Fantastic “air bubbles” of various sizes and shapes on the building elevation and roof surface gives the splendid external architectural effect.
●The weight of ETFE membrane air pillow is light. Only a single bubble can cover a large area up to hundreds of square meters, so the load of main structure steel work can be largely reduced and also save total construction cost.
●Reasonable designed system. The water proofing is realized by equal air pressure and the system water tightness performance is reliable.
●Pleasant insulated and sound acoustic performance.
●Enhance the daylight indoor transmission to save the artificial lighting energy consumption.
●The system weather resistance ability and anti-corrosion ability is super and the system working life can be up to more than 25 years.
●Intelligent control system make the air filling work at intervals to save running cost.
●Mature installation technique and high installation efficiency to shorten the project programme.
●Maintenance work is easy to carry out.