In order to ensure the timely test of curtain wall products during the R&D course, Yuanda invites Shenyang Kezheng Construction Engineering Test Co., Ltd to establish an indoor curtain wall test laboratory in Yuanda's plant, which has obtained the CNAS certification.

This laboratory is qualified to conduct the following performance tests of curtain wall: air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, deformation displacement in plane, propeller-styled dynamic wind pressure, thermal cycling and acoustic test, and can conduct the switch of test mode, the data collection and the data storage automatically during the test. The main structure of the test bench is a combination of shear wall and steel structure, the profile of which is “L-shaped”, with five sets of curtain wall test pieces fitted on the five sides at the same time, and the maximum size for test is 12m width and 21m height. Tests on irregular shaped (such as internal and external corners), curved and facetted curtain walls can be conducted.



Thermal Cycling and Condensation Test
Air Tightness Test
Dynamic Water Tightness Test
Displacement Performance Test