Curtain Wall Decorative Components System

Various aesthetic effects are required by the modern buildings, which are to be realized with the help of decorative function of the curtain wall. Therefore, various decorative components will usually be hung on the stick curtain wall. There are various decorative components, which are generally divided into integrated type, cantilevered type and decorative grid. Such decorative components can be laid both horizontally and vertically.


Integrated Type Decorative Components

This refers to the horizontal or vertical decorative components. These components are usually made of aluminum extrusions and connected to the main frame by embedding or bolts. The width of decorative components is generally same with main frames. When the connections are made by embedding, the height that the outer decorative component cantilevered from the curtain wall should not exceed 100mm. The oversized decorative components are connected by bolts. There are various sections available for the decorative components (see the Fig).




Cantilever Type Decorative Components

Being independent from the main frame of curtain wall, this type of decorative components is connected with the main frame by brackets. In general, such decorative components are of large size; therefore, sufficient connecting strength between them and the main frame should be ensured. The cantilevered type decorative components include the following types:
● Vertical cantilevered decorative components
★Vertical decorative columns
◇Decorative stone columns
◇Decorative columns with aluminum cladding
◇Terracotta Decorative Columns, etc.
★Vertical decorative fins
◇ Glass fins
◇Aluminum fins
◇Terracotta fins
● Horizontal cantilevered decorative components
★Horizontal decorative sheet
★Horizontal sun-shading / decorative rig, etc.






Decorative Wall System

Set in the façade of curtain, arranged in parallel within a certain distance of strip elements, to form a similar of decorative fence construction, manufacturing certain decorative effect, bring out a decorative role, the elevation is more abundant. Sometimes also be used to form the visual barrier grid, shielding effect to the rear of the object.



Decorative Fence

Arranged in parallel within a certain distance of strip elements, to form a similar of decorative fence construction,Set in the horizontal or vertical according to the requirements of decorative effect; also be set by other rules or no rules, metal profile, metal panel or ceramic and nonmetallic materials can be used to fabricate, According to design requirements, can be turned into grid decorative or other custom pattern.



Punching or Hollow Metal Decorative Panel

Through the metal panel by punching, stamping convex shape, hollow design as well as bending, compression-type methods for the fabrication, with good permeability and decorative, elegant appearance. According to the specific design and construction of buildings for pattern design, highlighting the architectural artistry, but also to look more three-dimensional and fashionable. So that each building works are filled with the essence of the design concept, combined with aesthetic concepts and boundless creativity.



Metal Decorative Grid

It is composed by metal rod and metal cable, in accordance with the preparation of the fabric form, consisting of a horizontal metal bar through the various patterns of vertical metal cable, using materials including stainless steel and high strength and corrosion resistant steel and other metal surface after special treatment, such as gold, silver, titanium, tin after various color, made of different materials and different methods of processing decoration network, in addition to retain the advantages of metal, and easy to maintenance, its smooth surface is easy to clean, the better to meet the requirements of the style and character designer.