Breast Board System

Balustrade / breast board system is component system which is applied to certain parts of the building (like the edge of accessible roof, indoor floor slab and balcony), functions as safe guarding and decorating, independent of other systems.

Metal Balustrade (Handrail) System

Balustrade system made of metal members consist of post, handrail and grild, and grid can be arranged horizontally or vertically. It normally includes the following forms:
●Aluminium balustrade —— All components are made of aluminium extrusion, various kinds of surface treatment and colors.
●Steel balustrade —— All components are made of steel member(steel sheet, steel pipe,etc.), unit component can be fabricated in advance at the shop, and integral erection can be carried out on site. Anti-corrosive paint can be applied as a surface treatment. Appropriate color can be selected as required.
●Stainless steel balustrade —— All components are made of stainless steel(steel sheet, steel pipe,etc.), unit component can be adopted as a manner of erection. Multiple surface treatment manners can be used for stainless steel like mirror polished finish, wire-drawing and sand-blasting.
●Steel cable balustrade —— post and handrail are made of metal member, pre-stressed steel cable is tighten on both posts set aside as a grille, generating particular decorative effect.



Breast Board System

Breast board system is surrounding system which is basically made up of sheet material with the exception of the supporting member, functions as safe guarding and somewhat decorating. As security member, the sheet material should possess sufficient strength and shock resistance property. Breast board system normally includes the following:

●Glass breast board —— glass, usually laminated glass, is adopted as the main fence-up member of the system.

●Full glass breast board —— no metal member involved, all supporting member and fence-up member are made of glass, making strong sense of clarity.

Fin supporting glass breast board: glass fin is adopted as supporting member, point fixing connection or structural sealant adhesion is applied between glass breast board and glass fin.

Single cantilever glass breast board: the lower side of the glass is clamped and fixed to the main structure, the upper side overhangs and stands without supporting glass fin.

●Metal framework supported glass breast board —— two or four sides of the glass breast board sits on the metal framework, point fixing, clip or structural glazed.

●Metal breast board —— in addition to supporting member, metal sheet is used as fence-up material. Hole drilling or pattern engraving may be applied to the metal sheet according to decorative effect needs. Sheet material mainly adopted includes: aluminum alloy sheet, steel sheet, stainless steel sheet,etc.